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A romantic, whimsical and stylish world awaits you at Un Petit Mot in the heart of Vésenaz. Lavender and ivory hand painted décor gives this gem of a boutique a warm and intimate ambience. Owner and style maven Marianne Domec provides individual consultation to help you find the perfect cards, stationery and invitations to make your own personal statement no matter what the occasion. Marianne recognizes the uniqueness of each person who walks into Un Petit Mot and she focuses her energy and attention on satisfying every client's special requirements whether it is for creating your own writing paper, an invitation for intimate dinner at home or the wedding invitation of your dreams. From the first consultation and guided tour through sample books filled with palettes of color and design, to the final delivery of your custom-printed stationery or invitation, personal service is paramount at Un Petit Mot. This winning combination of personal attention, product selection, and exceptional quality make Un Petit Mot the only real choice in Switzerland for custom stationery, invitations, and cards.